DIY Everything

If you are interested in doing a little work yourself, you can try any of these projects below to fix up your house or apartment.  Some are longer projects, some are quick projects.  We also have links here on how to organize your home and your finances.  If you are looking for a few quick wedding DIYs or design ideas, check out those links as well!  Feel free to browse!

Our DIY Projects

DIY Headboard
Wall Anchors
Kitchen Nook Renovation
Repainting a Table
Kitchen Faucet Upgrade
Adding Cork to your Cabinet

Home Improvement DIY

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Design DIY

Martha's Half Table
How to Paint Unfinished Furniture
Mantle Headboard

Reading Nook

Quick DIY Projects

Striped Soap
Etched Glass
Aromatherapy Heat Pack

Organization Tips

31 Ways to Makeover Your Closet
Cheap Closet Systems
Bedroom Organization

Money Saving Tips

Ways to save $1,000
50 Ways to Save Money
One Day Financial Makeover
20 Money Moves to Make this Year

Wedding DIY
Rose Kissing Ball Tutorial
DIY Wedding Cake Balls
Lacy Votive Holders
Bird Cage Veil
Chocolate Covered Stirring Spoons
Hanging Jars for Flowers or Candles