Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading Nook

At some point in time, everyone likes to curl up with a comfy blanket, a book or magazine and just sort of, decompress.  Sometimes your family is on the couch watching television, and sometimes you just want to take yourself away from that all, and be by yourself for a few minutes, even if it's only five feet away.

Introduce the Reading Nook.  

Image from CasaSugar

Heavenly, right?  Essentially all this requires is a totally under utilized corner, a comfy chair, a small table and a lamp.  Toss your favorite blanket over the arm of the chair & you have your own personal hideaway.  You can put this in your bedroom, next to your nightstand, for a super easy fix.  You can station one in a quiet corner of a living room or den.  You can even take a large awkward hallway and add these few simple things to add visual interest and a nice little spot to relax.  Here are a few more images to get you motivated. 

Image from Crate & Barrel

Image from West Elm

Image from HGTV

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

No matter your style, or budget, these are extremely easy for everyone to put together.  We have the beginning of one of these at our house.  When we got our larger couch, we didn't need the upholstered storage bench in the living room for extra seating.  So I took a corner of the dining room & positioned the bench there.  I'm still short a lamp & table, but I think we could get a small table cheaply at TJMaxx or Marshalls & steal a lamp from somewhere else in the house to make the perfect little corner.  A couple pillows & a blanket & our corner is set.

Do you have a reading nook, window seat, or anywhere special that you like to curl up?

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