Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Kitchen Nook Renovation

So I wanted a quick project for the weekend, something that would be cheap, but make a huge difference.  I decided to update our kitchen nook.


I told you that you would see that kitchen table again.  This table had become the catch all location for pretty much everything.  A box of receipts, you can see the two tier fruit / veggie holder, even the two new black boxes I got to help organize.  But somehow, none of it was helping.  This room needed a make over.

With the help of a newly painted table:

And a couple boxes from my trip to Ikea:

And a shelf from Home Depot, we had a new room.


The storage ottoman that you see there isn't permanent.  It was borrowed from our Dining Room.  A new one, darker and faux leather is on our next "to buy" list.

Here is the breakdown of the transformation:

Shelf: $5.50 (Home Depot)
Brackets: $10 (Home Depot)
Sandpaper: $4 (Home Depot)
Primer: Free from our basement
Paint: $10 (Home Depot)
Black boxes: $5 (Ikea)
Raspberry Box: $3 (Target)
Storage Bench $70-$80 (To be determined)

The addition of the storage bench will allow us to put away all of our hats, scarfs, extra bags, etc, so that the coat rack will be left empty for coats!  The shelf now leaves room for all of our cookbooks, making more room on what's left of our other counters.  Overall, I love the transformation.  When all is said and done, it will be just over $100 for the entire thing... pretty good right?  I love the change & can't wait for the next project.

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