Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Storage #5

Storage Solution number five that I gave you all last week, was the only project that I had yet to try.  Considering I had some cork in my closet, I thought I might try it out.

Our pantry cabinet is directly next to our stove.  When we open it, it is even parallel to it.  This is a perfect location to hang up a recipe that you are making without having to take up precious counter space!  It is also the perfect place to hang up a grocery list, so that when you run out of something while you are cooking, there is somewhere to jot it down immediately.

We purchased cork a long while ago for another project that we did, and had some left.  I think it was $5 for a 4-pack at Target.  So, I started with a 12"x12" piece of cork board.

I measured the clear space on the inside of the cabinet at 11-1/8".  So I decided to give the square a little breathing room & I took one inch off one side.  I used a pen to mark the 1", a metal straight edge & an X-acto blade to make the cut.  This left a 12"x11" rectangle that was ready to go.

With the cork, we were provided square stick pads, so I decided to go a little overboard and put a bunch of them on the back.

This is as complicated as the project is.  Here are the before and after pictures of the cabinet:

Because I am not a fan of wasting anything, I decided to take that 1" strip of cork and put it to good use on the lower pantry door.

I decided to cut the strip to the 11" long dimension and put it up at the top of the lower cabinet.  Eventually I'd love to paint the inside of this pantry cabinet with chalkboard paint & I think that the cork is a perfect compliment!

We will be hanging up a grocery list, a list of spice substitutes, our planned meals for the week as well as our non-slip jar openers.  I'm sure we'll find thousands of uses for this cork board.  However there is one alert that I want to give everyone.  The cork that we purchased is about 1/8" thick.  The sticky pads have an insignificant amount of thickness to them.  However, the tacks are about 1/4" long.  Be sure that you don't push the tack in past the cork - it will stick out a bit.  Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of holes in the back of your cabinet!

We will be on the hunt for shallow tacks & possibly a small container of chalkboard paint.  This was by far, the easiest project that we have done around the house, literally taking about 10 minutes and $1.25 to complete.

Hope that this inspires you to find the perfect cabinet to deck out with this accessory!

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