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Simple Wedding Flowers

The bathroom is getting closer to being completed... It is tiling, grouting & fixture-ing away from being functional again & as soon as it's done, the recaps will begin.  Until then, we will continue to spend our evenings working on the room!  We are hoping to get most of the tiling done tonight.  Finish tiling and grouting tomorrow, then start to add the fixtures this weekend.  Maybe a toilet Friday night & a sink Saturday night?  We'll see!!!

But because I am bored at work today, I do have time to do a quick post.  Because I am still in love with all things involved with the Royal Wedding, I figured I might do a bit of a wedding post today - one based on flowers.  It is May, and wedding season is in full bloom (pun totally intended), so it makes sense to bring back some wedding information.

One thing that I found extremely refreshing with the Royal Wedding was the simplicity of the florals.  While there were enormous trees & large ferns, the flowers were simple & white.  Cathrine carried a simple bouquet filled with lily of the valley.  Her attendants had small bouquets and baskets filled with the same flower, and it made a simple, yet beautiful impact.

Hugo Burnand/AP Photo

I remember being overwhelmed by the cost of flowers, and though we did go fairly simple with our flowers, using seasonal florals in white and green, we still spent over $1,000 on flowers.  Small centerpieces, simple bouquets & boutonnieres, still over a grand in flowers.  So Cathrine's simple bouquet got me thinking... maybe we (as brides) spend too much money, and time worrying on our flowers.

Some of the most beautiful flower arrangements I have seen are simple, so I thought I'd gather some here for everyone to see.  Sometimes leaving flowers out completely is not something a bride wants to do, myself included, so here are a couple interesting solutions for a wedding bouquet.  These solutions still make an impact, but won't break your budget:

This is a simple bouquet that could be carried by the bride
or the bridesmaids.  Add color as needed!
Photo Credit: Link

A few tiered roses with some greenery is simple and beautiful. 
Adding a wide ribbon brings extra color and texture to the mix.
Photo Credit: Link

This bouquet is modern, simple & unique.
Photo Credit: Link

A few simple Calla Lilies make a dramatic impact.  Make them red, orange,
almost any color really, to match your theme.
Photo Credit: Link

Even a simple bouquet of lavender can be made into a beautiful bouquet.
If purple is in your theme, consider this!
Photo: Project Wedding

One of my favorites is baby's breath.  This is an amazing bouquet for anyone
in your wedding party.  If you want the bride to have a bigger impact, have her
 carry a bouquet of white roses to set her apart!
Photo: Project Wedding

I know I have discussed alternate wedding centerpieces here before, but I want to try to add some examples of simple centerpieces that DO use flowers.  Our centerpieces used 2-3 large hydrangea and greenery in black vases to make an impact.  As much as I LOVED the look of a big ball of beautiful flowers, adding different types of greenery can make a beautiful effect with a much lower price tag.

When we had our wedding, hydrangeas were about $5.00 each, with greenery the
centerpieces were $12-$18.  I got the vases online for $5.00 each.

Using three different vases, and simple submerged flowers, this centerpiece
is simple but dramatic.
Photo: Project Wedding
More unique greenery in long stalks is beautiful in this centerpiece.
Photo:  Project Wedding

Another place where simple baby's breath can make a beautiful arrangement.
Photo: Project Wedding

One bloom in lots of different vases is a great alternative.  Throw in a
couple bottles with stems of your favorite greenery & you have a great display.
Photo: Good Housekeeping
 The most important lessons when trying to lighten your floral bill are as follows:

1.  Choose flowers that are in season.  This is very important, as flowers that are not in season can run you $5-$8 each.  Trying to get a peony in August, you are going to pay for it.  There are lots of websites that can direct you to good in-season flowers.

2.  Cut back on the size and number of flowers.  While you think that every table arrangement should have 20 roses, that can run you $75 each - minimum.  Add two shorter vases with floating candles & wrapped in twine or with submerged banana leaves and go with a smaller display.  When it comes to your bouquets, if you want to have the bridal bouquet be large and in-charge, fine, but scale back on the 'maids.  A simple bouquet will be beautiful for them and will save you major money!

3. Submerge.  One flower, candle & add water - it is still dramatic, and much more cost effective than a dozen of your favorite flower.  Consult with a florist to find the best flowers for submerging.

4.  Add Greenery.  I was against this, and I wish I had done more research, but there are some beautiful greenery items that can be added to your bouquets and arrangement.  Cabbage, Kale, all kinds of interesting vegetables can be added too.

Hopefully some of these hints and photos will help you brides out there who still want flowers, but don't want to spend a small fortune decorating.  Happy Wedding Season!

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