Our Projects

When we bought our home, everything was painted white with beige carpeting.  Slowly we are trying to make the home ours.  This page will walk you through some of the projects that we have done to make our home a little more "us".

One of the projects that we wanted to tackle was the "oh so popular" DIY headboard.  They are all over the blog universe right now, but I had an idea of my own.  So I sat down and made a sketch.  I wanted it to be simple, but yet I put my own complicated twist on it.  I wanted to make the upholstered portion removable, incase we wanted to switch the fabric, so there was a few added steps.  And when an architect gets to sketching, the result is something like this:

This is an actual copy of my sketch page

Complicated, right?  But I knew what I was talking about.
Because this is totally confusing, I decided to to a simple step by step post of our headboard here.

And a picture of the final product:

Pretty good for our first try! 
When you start to see the whole room, you'll get more of the picture.

Our Kitchen Table

Our kitchen nook had become a nasty place where all things collected.  It was a mess.  So much so, that you couldn't see how bad of a condition the table under the stuff had actually become.


100 Times better.  Here is the post on the transformation: Table