Monday, February 21, 2011

Warm Grey Walls

When we painted our guest bedroom, I had a simple dusty beige color in mind.  Turns out that what we ended up with was a little more yellow-brown & not exactly what we were looking for.  But because the purpose of the room was to house my husband's older, smaller bedroom set & to make a comfy place for our guests to sleep, browny-beige was what it was, and was on the walls to stay for a while.

The room has yellow curtains that were left by the previous owner.  Nothing flashy, but they work.  There are deep yellow linens with a simple white down comforter.  There are touches of blue in the room, an ice blue fleece at the foot of the bed, a cobalt blue lamp/ end table & blue in the tack board near the desk.  The blue, yellow and beige work well with our other colors upstairs.  However, recently, I have found the perfect color for this room.

Welcome to what I call "Muddy Grey" ---> 
Photo: Martha Stewart Living
While my name for it is nothing short of awful, the color is amazing.  It is warm, it is rich and it looks BEAUTIFUL with yellow.  So while we don't have the money to replace the linens in the room, they would look lovely with this color.  It still has yellow undertones, making it warm, but still 100% a neutral.

Photo: Decor Pad
In fact, when we do get new linens, at least curtains, I would probably go with an even bolder yellow color.  This color is relaxing, very modern, and elegant.  A mix of white and ivory go beautifully with the shade & absolutely everything put up against it will POP against the wall.  And if we've been able to stand the existing color for nearly 4 years, even if it turns out not to be the perfect color, it will be better than what we have, and will be there for a long time.

What would you name this color?  Do you think it works for a guest bedroom?

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