Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Upcycling

I am a huge fan of upcycling.  I am in awe at how little people can throw away.  I love seeing someone's crazy idea for something that they had laying around the house... love it..  I was reading Casa Sugar today, one of my favorite sites, and came across some more interesting upcycling projects.   I give Casa full credit for this idea!  Check out their post HERE

Old Belt Lawn Chair:
This is very unique, an almost basket weave of old leather belts.  Granted they need to be long enough, and strong enough to hold up to this task, but it's a really cool idea.  I'm not sure that it will end up being much more comfortable than the polyester straps that are usually on their, but it is WAY nicer looking.  Very rustic for around the fire pit.

Found at this etsy site:  Lawn Chair
 Milkshake Table Lamp:
There are so many lamp projects out there, but this one is both modern and retro.  If you have a broken stainless steel appliance around the house that you are just waiting to throw out, think for a few minutes about what else you might be able to do with it.  By the way, I can not guarantee that your old blender will look this sleek, but you never know!

Found at this etsy site: Lamp
Wine Cork Corkboard:
I have always wanted to put one of these together for above our computer.  This one uses the corks on their ends, but you can also turn them on their sides.  My mother is making a cork board trivet for her hot dishes & has a corkboard wreath above her door.  If you want to put them on end like this, but don't want to have a project that is 3" thick, try cutting the corks in half, and putting the cut halves against the back, or surface that you are gluing to.  Then you double your number of corks too!

Found at this etsy site:  Corkboard
 Classic Hubcap Clock:
This is a cool way to reuse old car parts that may or may not have any cash value left.

Found at this etsy site: Hubcap Clock
 Map Trays:
Have left over maps from your trip to New York, or from your Honeymoon, but don't know what to do with them?  This crafty crafter decided to decorate plain trays with cool maps.   Next time you are on a vacation, grab a few extra subway or city maps.  Then glue them and lacquer them onto old bins, food trays, or even picture frames for something unique.

Found at this etsy site:  Map Trays

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:
I have already touched on this topic in my last upcycling post HERE, but here is another view of a backyard tiki torch.  This might just inspire me to get crafting this summer yet!  I do not have totally bathroom burnout, I do not :) [just keep saying it, right?]  Fill these candles with citronella and keep away the pesky mosquitoes too!

Found at this etsy site:  Wine Torches
 I must admit, people are WAY more creative than I am... my most creative upcycling project is in construction right now, but it might take a few more weeks to get finished.. you'll see soon!

What are you favorite upcycling projects?  Have you  made any yourself?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Fellow "Paper Planner People"

This post is not just for those that still love to use their actual planners, but also for mom's all over.  Martha has done it again.  She has gone and solved a problem that I, personally have had for a while.

It started back in school.  You need a folder for every subject, and the notebooks with the envelopes were WAY more expensive, so you had to have a separate folder, but if you left the folder at home with your assignment, you were in trouble.

This problem was accentuated.  I am still a paper person, even though it haunts me every day.... I have a planner, and I tuck a lot of things in my planner, bills that need to be paid, paychecks as they show at my desk, notes of things to do, coupons I cut out... all just stuffed into my planner.  Well check this out:

Photo: Martha Stewart

Its as easy as taking your planner, notebook, etc. and gluing in an envelope to hold your mess.  Martha uses a glue strip for the top & double sided tape for the bottom.  Personally, I have about 12 extra rolls of the tape that you use to "plastic" your windows in the winter.  So I plan on trying this.

You can leave the flap out to keep things in, or tuck the flap in, so it's just a pocket.  And because they make a million different envelopes, you can find the perfect one.  Use a manila envelope for large paper storage.  Use smaller envelopes to organize your coupons.  I think it's genius!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspired: Fabric Garland

I have to admit, that when I saw this photo, I was smitten.  Yes, our wedding is over, but this garland could be used to dress up any party: a summer picnic, a baby shower, a child's birthday, shiny fabrics would make this amazing for a holiday buffet.

This is a link that I will keep close on hand for future parties!
The entire bridal shower decor can be found here: The Sweetest Occasion

If you are into the shabby-chic, or a bit of a feminine garden party, or even just a flowy touch to a rustic reception, this is a great image to keep in your files.  I know it's strange for me to do a post on one photo, but I was so inspired.

Check out one brides' DIY on how she accomplished her ribbon bunting here:  Miss Bunting

CasaSugar's Weekend DIY

It is Friday, and we are almost back to normal here at the "married couple", so I thought I'd bring back one of my favorite link fests for the weekend.  The weather is beautiful, and that inspires me to get some work done!

Photo & Project found here:  Design Sponge

1. Turn old doilies into a pendant lamp
2. Create an open-air hanging closet rod
3. Design Sponge's Cameroonian Feather Hat (photo above!)  I think these would be SO much fun in a nursery!  I am keeping this link forever!
4. Quick and Beautiful Votive Luminaries
5. Knit oversized Floor pillow (I want to make these now!)
6. DIY potting station (using an old ladder & planks)
7. Entry Patio from Stone

Check out Casa's post here for all the photos & links:  Weekend DIY and happy DIY-ing!