Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Half Table

Do you have a small entryway or foyer, where you really need a table to collect things like keys, mail & maybe a cute potted plant?  Well, knowing and acknowledging the genius that is Martha Stewart, here is a simple DIY table remodel that makes me wish I had a place for this in my house.

Here is the before image of a dining room table that had lived it's life to the fullest.  Apparently one leg was destroyed & the finish was scratched beyond easy repair.

Photo from
 This project was made easier because the table pictured had an extender, where extra leaves could be added to make the table larger.  This small circle was it's most compact form.  This made the process easier because there was no sawing involved.  The extender mechanism was removed and the table was immediately two perfect halves. 

I think that you could do this with a table that was solid, but you would need to be prepared to cut through the top first & while still mobilized, saw through the supports in the same location to make things even.  You could then sand the back side of both to make it sit flat against the wall.

The half of the table that is in the best condition was chosen for the project.  Sand, wipe and prime the table before applying the finish coat.  If you are using a darker color, use dark tinted primer, and be prepared to put on a second coat of finish paint.

Screw a 2"x2" block of wood onto the wall at the height of the tabletop.  The easiest way to do this is to stand the table up against the wall, sit a small level on the table to be sure that the table top is flat, and measure to the underside of the tabletop.  This should be where the top of the 2"x2" block sits.

You can rest the table on top of the block, or for extra stability, screw through the tabletop and into the block of wood.  You will want to use wood filler and paint over the screw location if this option is chosen.

And viola!
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This table is simple, chic & exactly what your foyer, entryway, or even mud room is looking for!  Add a few large canvas totes under the table for a great location to store hats, gloves & scarfs in the winter, or to keep your grocery tote bags, or even use the bins for your kids toys, as a neat location to keep things wrangled.

I love this table and hope that someone can use this for their home or apartment!

Here is the link to Martha's "How-To" if you want to visit the original site: Martha's Half Table

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