Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our New Kitchen Faucet

Since we moved into this house, one of the things that we have been dying to replace is the old kitchen faucet.  Now, I am still getting into the knack of blogging, so of course I forgot to take a picture of the before, but this is the faucet that we had:

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Basically the cheapest faucet that the previous owner could have gotten from the home improvement store.  Only, imagine that it is rusty, the hot and cold plates had fallen off the handles & the putty was spilling out around the faucet.  It was awful, dirty looking & not what we wanted to present to our guests.  I wish I could find an old picture, but maybe it's less embarrassing that I don't.

So this morning, Matt and I went about putting on the faucet that my Dad got me for my birthday (big thanks to Dad!!!).  First, we had to remove the old faucet, and for the hunk of junk that it appeared to be, it seemed to be GLUED to the underside of the sink.  Ladies and gentlemen, when it says "hand tighten" and "do not over tighten" - DON'T!  After Matt hurt his hand, and I jambed my thumb, we finally drenched the thing in WD-40 to loosen the locknuts.  We finally were able to get them unjammed and took the dirty old faucet off, and put it immediately in the trash can.

I scrubbed down the entire sink surface with steel wool (that stuff is amazing, by the way) so that the sink looked almost brand new.  We then installed the new faucet.  And here is the final product!

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The first picture is before I scrubbed the whole sink, the second shows the amazing-ness that is steel wool!  Awesome, right?  It's like having a whole new sink! 

The benefits:  Now we can have lukewarm water!  I was so annoyed by having to turn on hot & cold separately.  We also have a much taller gooseneck, which will help immensely with large dishes, as will the sprayer!!  So excited to have it done.  Big thanks again to Dad, we love it.

It finally looks like a sink that belongs in our house!  Only about an hour and a half of work & it's totally transformed the space.

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