Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turquoise & Citron Inspiration Board

This has got to be one of my favorite new color combos.  We have a pillow on our couch that is turquoise & with the new citron pillows added to the couch, the bright color combo is amazing.  Now we aren't keeping that blue pillow there, it's just for added structure when we are both laying on the couch, but as I look around recently, I see that combo in other places.   I have never been a big fan of yellow, in clothes or in decorating, so how is it that I have fallen in love with this color?

One, it is in every magazine this year, from clothing to decorating & it's such a bright and unusual color, that I'm totally drawn to it.  Secondly, the color appears in the above mentioned combination on my new bags from 31gifts.  The combo is paired with a light grey, and warm grey & a white - leading me to want to create an inspiration board from the bag... here is a photo of my bag:
From 31gifts Spring Catalogue HERE

This picture doesn't really share the citron in as much glory as the bag itself actually does - but believe me,  it's there and it's great!  So this bag inspired me to throw together a room based on this palette.  I am going to start with a living room, but might end up doing a bedroom as well.  You know I'm in love with the Grey & White combo, so when you throw in two wonderful, bright, cheerful colors - how can I pass it up?

Here is the inspiration board for a chic living room scenario:

Lorimer Sectional - West Elm, Audra Slipper Chair - Pier 1, Round
Shell Mirror - Pier 1, Seaglass Lamps - Pier 1, Hive Vases - West Elm,
Recycled Spanish Glass Stacking Vases - West Elm, Remy Canary
Pillow - Crate&Barrel, Tamara Floral Erin Chair - World Market
There were so many other great items that I found like artwork:

Aqueous 1 - World Market
And Vases:

Ria Hurricane - Crate&Barrel
 Even these Floor Cushions:
Blanc Noir Floor Pillows - World Market
I think that everyone is in love with this color combo right now.  It's the perfect mix of bright and cheery for your room & easy to make sophisticated, relaxing, casual or any style you prefer.

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