Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Money Saver: When to buy What?

It is a proven fact that some months are better to purchase items than others.  There is always some type of sale that ties in to an event or date on a calendar, that make certian months hot for certain items.  I acertained this information from Real Simple & thought I'd share it here with you all.

February: Furniture
Retailers are clearing out old styles to make room for new spring lines. You can save 30-60%

March: Televisions
New models are released at the International Consumer Electronics show every January, so retailers want to get rid of their old stock to make room for new TV's which ship in March.  They also recommend Black Friday for another TV shopping day - if you can brave the lines & crouds!  March can get you a 15% savings.
Photo: Real Simple
March: Sandals The first markdowns on Spring Shoes begins in March (sadly enough).  20-30% off

April: Raincoats
Knowing that April Showers are common this month, retailers stock their stores full of rain gear, but don't want to keep it around long, as we all know May brings flowers - not more rain!  You can save up to 25%.

Photo: Real Simple
May: Athletic Apparel & Shoes
Retailers try to convince people that they need to replace last years duds with new gear.  Save 30-60%.

June: Dishware
Welcome to Wedding Season.  Because people are filling their registries with dishware, retailers offer discouts so that you buy more!  Buy buyer & register beware, some styles are only around for 12 months now a days!  Save 25-50%.
Photo: Real Simple
July: Home Decor
We are still in Wedding Season and the retailers are still wanting you to run out and purchase lots of items.  Look for 2 for 1 deals!  Save 20-50%

August: Swimsuits
As depressing as it is, August is saying good-bye to summer, so stores are saying good-bye to their summer inventory.  You can save a whopping 40-70%.

September: Plants
Nurseries are getting rid of their summer plants & making room for holiday plants & trees.  Look for savings of 30-50%.

Photo: Real Simple
 October: Jeans
Back to School is over, so retailers are dumping their extra inventory.  Because people aren't buying as much for Back to School & retailers are still ordering the same amount, they end up with lots of left overs.  Save 30-60%

November: Pajamas & Slippers
Popular Christmas gifts start going on sale to get people to buy boxed sets or sets with extras included.  You can save 30-50%.  Keep your eyes open in January though, these same stores will be clearancing their stock!

December: Outerwear
Sadly enough, spring gear starts hitting the stores in January, and retailers don't want these items hanging around for long.  So while you are out shopping for your family, pick yourself up some new winter gear this month.  You can save 15-40%

Check out their whole article HERE with links to retailers that they know offer discounts.

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