Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Projects

I am itching SO badly to pull up our carpeting.  Everywhere I have looked (or taken a quick peek in a corner) on the upper floor of our home, the floor looks like it's in decent condition.  And I have to tell you, I'd rather have decent condition hard wood floors than gross old carpeting!

Our next few weekends are crazy busy, and it's probably not a good time to start the BIG bathroom renovation, as we really need one weekend, without interruption to get a good portion of it completed.  But there are a few things around the house that I could get to this weekend, and with it slated to be a bit warmer, painting is not out of the question.

Our stairwell & upper hallway has been bright white primer since we moved in - and I can't wait to get rid of it.  The trim will stay white, but the walls are going to be almost a wheat color.  It will be two shades darker than our bathroom upstairs, but will tie in beautifully with the green & yellow palette of the downstairs colors.

With this project, could come another couple projects. 

1.  Rip up the carpet in the hallway up stairs.   This is sort of a joke, as the hallway is barely 10' long, but it is a start, and might quench some of my "I need this carpet to be gone" feeling.  I don't want to take the carpet up on the stairs, as the condition of stairs can be questionable, also I feel like wood stairs are a slipping hazard, so until we could do a cool runner with new carpet, that carpet will probably stay on the stairs...

2.  Paint the hallway (as mentioned above) & start our photo wall.  As I mentioned in a post here we would really like to put up a cool display wall in our stairwell.  A quick paint job would give it a much more interesting backdrop to start with.  A black and white display on the wheat colored wall would look striking.

3.  The bookshelf...  At the dead end of our hallway, we have a bookshelf.  It's an old target, maple color bookshelf with a "faux" back (one of those cardboard panels that is made to look like wood).  I would like to pull off that panel to allow you to see through to the wall, and paint that bookshelf something.  Maybe it's just white, maybe it's dark brown....  I also think that I might put it at a bit of an angle to give a new look to the hallway.  Basically, it's another warm weather project, that could take place over a series of days & that could really change up the look of the hall.  I would probably just use primer and spray paint on this unit, as it's just another melamine covered piece of furniture.  Notice from the sketch that there is not a lot of room to hang artwork in the hallway, so we needed something of interest here & we needed somewhere to put our bookshelf. 

The bookshelf is something I could easily do.  Maybe I could just paint the trim in the hallway, to brighten that up a bit & do the wall painting next weekend.  This will give me a little more time to look for & put together some type of photo gallery plan on the wall.  Here's hoping that the weather stays warm & projects can get started again.

Soon I'll be taking on the front porch, so watch for that.  The balustrade needs to be scraped, sanded and painted & I'd like to put a waterproof stain/paint on the floor to freshen up the look & protect the wood for a little longer.  This will happen as soon as I can be sure that it won't go below 40 degrees at night!

Happy Friday everyone!

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