Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We have lamps!

After what seems like a year long search, we have finally found lamps for our bedroom!  They are perfect.  Let me introduce you to these beauties:

The lamps have a glass bottom, sort of in the shape of an upside-down acorn squash.  The glass is a smoky quartz color.  The shades are a pearly mocha and the accent is silver.

Ignore the mess & the brightly striped sheets - they are our flannel sheets - probably on their last year of life, but really warm, so we sacrifice look for function!  But you can see the edge of the duvet and the headboard.  The lamps match perfectly.  We got them from Marshall's for $30 each!  What a deal.

This gives us inspiration and motivation to get that other table built!  It still sits in pieces on the basement table...

Speaking of the basement - just to give you a quick update on the basement project, we got our "curtain rod" system in the mail this week and installed it this weekend.  We hung the hangers and now I just need to quickly cut and hem the drop clothes to make the curtains.  Here is a quick sneak peak of the progress.  These were fairly easy to put up, but it took some time to get the cord perfectly taught.

I have no idea exactly how long it will take to make the curtains, but they are in the works!  Right now they are 5'-9" x 8'-9" and they need to be 5'-9"x6'-5", so there is a couple feet to take off the end, but I'm thrilled to have this room done!

Have a great week everyone!  I'll update you on the progress as it gets done.  I can't wait to share the after picture!

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