Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grey & White Bedroom

Today I'm going to do a slightly different take on my Inspiration Boards.  I was totally inspired by West Elm's new catalog, and can't rave on enough about one particular bedroom set up.  It made want to literally jump into bed in this bedroom.  It's elegant, modern - using clean line and modern, but classic colors.  It made me want to talk about it, and find ways that you could bring this look into your bedroom today without totally copying it out of the catalog.

Take a look at this bedroom and tell me that you don't love it -
Photo: West Elm
I love that the cool grey color almost seems warm against the stark white room.  But I do think that there are a few things that you could add or substitute to put together this look on a budget.

First you have to start with the grey rosette quilt.  The one that is shown is by West Elm, of course.  It is the ruffled circle quilt & shams.  There is something about the texture of the ruffled rosettes that really draws me to this particular quilt, as I have not always been a fan of quilts.  It looks soft and comfortable while still being totally chic.  Are there substitutes out there, sure, but I would splurge on the real thing - it's worth it.

Next you will want to add a modern, white headboard.  The one that is shown is the Moroccan Headboard by West Elm - but almost any open weave headboard could give the same effect.  I would go with something that is a solid wood, and not a metal headboard, as the wood cutouts offer a sturdy look, while still a glimpse of the wall behind.

Next you will want to pick a light grey color to put on the wall.  Something preferably a few shades lighter than the quilt itself.  It will be a nice "in-between" color to mesh the white and the grey.  Add a bright white trim to keep the contrast.  You could do a very light grey ceiling or keep it white.

Colors: Lily White, Iced Cube Silver, Gray Cloud & Bunny Grey by Benjamin Moore
 You can keep the look crisp and fresh by adding white furniture - dresser, nightstands and even large white framed mirrors on the wall and a standing mirror on the floor.  These accessories will pop against the grey walls.  Add silver pulls to keep with the grey theme.

I like adding other white, grey and silver accessories like different pillows, throws, vases, even figurines to the nightstands.  Mercury glass would also look great here.

Linear Glass Blown Candle Holders - West Elm,
Grey Oblong Leaves & Fieldcrest Luxury Decorative Pillows - Target,
Set of 3 Myah Wall Panels, Target, Rococo 3 Wall Art, Target,
Footed Mercury Hurricane - West Elm
 But what really sets off the whole room is the nice touch of natural accents.  In the photo you will see one basket and a desk lamp, but I think you can add a touch more natural color and still get the great grey and white contrast.  Try a natural floor, or a natural throw.  You could have a bedside chair in a natural tone or a rattan chest.

Organic Ruched Throw & Mongolian Lamb Pillows - West Elm,
Jack Table Lamp - Crate&Barrel, Castela Trunk - Target,
Square Seagrass Storage Basket - Target, Tarkett Oak Flooring - Home Depot
  Put it all together and you have your own modification of this room.  I'm totally in love with grey right now, and wish that we had chosen to paint at least one room this great color.. maybe we'll take another look at the half bath walls before the re-do takes place.

Could you ever do a room almost completely in grey and white?  Personally, I know that I could.


  1. to be able to do that except i live in a rented apt with light yellow walls. and my bed is against the windows (really no other way to put it). so no headboard for me :(

  2. I actually saw an article not too long ago about making the deliberate decision to put your bed in front of your window, and making it work... maybe I'll have to locate that again.