Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Season's Colors

There is nothing like curling up on the couch with a new magazine or catalogue.  They inspire SO many ideas, so many things I'd like to do.  I just never have the money to go "all out" and change up the room.  However, I have been wanting to make a few changes to our living room, just to freshen it up.  And I think I have some creative ways to do this.  Since our basement project was our January project (I promise an update on that soon), the living room update will be our February project.  Something to make our house a little springy.

First of all, I figure that this is the best time to introduce you to our living room?!

Here area a couple shots that we took when we were looking at the house:

And here is the current shot of our living room:

Our color palette for the living/dining room has been a light green, dark green, cream and dark red.  It's a lovely combo, and I'm sure that for the cooler months I will go back to it, but in looking through our catalogues lately, both West Elm and Crate & Barrel have me inspired to try a new look, a new palette if you will.

Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Cream & Citron (very similar to Chartruse).
Here are a few photos from their recent catalogues just for inspiration:
Photo Crate&Barrel

Pillows from West Elm
Vases from West Elm

Rug from West Elm
 I think that this style would work wonderfully in our room.  The fireplace is a creamy yellow and will really tie the theme together beautifully.  So here are a few "easy on the budget" items that I have planned.  First I am going to switch up the pillows on the couch, some green, some yellow, some a mix of both.  I am going to hit the Home Goods stores, as well as Pier1 and World Market to see if I can find any of these colors on sale.  Because they are springs colors, it might be difficult to find, but that is my first quest.

Pillow - Crate&Barrel
I'd like to get a nice light cream throw to put on the back of the chaise part of the sectional.  Something with a nice modern texture.  Something like this throw from Ikea - The Ofelia
I am going to do a craft project using old green, yellow and clear wine bottles for the mantle.  I will be using a great little project that I found at Country Living.  Here is a photo of the project... just imagine the "flowers" in shades of green in great colorful vases.  I will be detailing this project for the blog as soon as I get started on it. 

Photo: Country Living
I'd like to find a couple of old drinking glasses and put a few votives in to mix in with the photo above.  I'm going to check the same discount stores for these as well as possibly checking out Goodwill for some antique type glasses.

And the last one is a maybe... just maybe, if I get really fancy, I might even throw in a couple of Citron window panels on the ends of the rod, with the cream panels for a little extra color.  Or maybe a citron fabric with a pattern in cream.

I am going to attempt to put this together this weekend, lets see how it goes!  I'll update you as soon as it's finished.

Meanwhile, my sister has purchased for me, and put in the mail my curtain rod for the basement curtains - YAY!  I'm very excited to get that in the mail & get the basement on the path to "finished".

Expect lots of fun at our house very soon!

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