Tuesday, January 4, 2011

West Elm Bedding

A quick look at West Elms new line of bedding, makes me wish I had hesitated a bit longer when looking for a new duvet cover.

Photo: West Elm
I'm a sucker for a great graphic pattern.  Add in some amazing seasonal colors and I'm in love. 

Photo - West Elm
These patterns a bold and attractive, floral, but not totally feminine.

Photo - West Elm
But who says you can't have two duvet sets?  No one.  Maybe the one we have now is our fall and winter set, and maybe one of these cool spring-like graphic patterns could be our spring and summer set?  Maybe we just need to get a duvet for the guest bedroom?  There are probably a billion excuses I could find to invest in one of these!

Most king/ queen covers are around $100 but they have sales ALL the time.  I will be checking for sales as often as I can remember.  One of these can really make a huge difference on the way that a room is put together.  And look for me to do an inspiration board containing one of these covers soon!  The first picture shown would actually work great in our bedroom!

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