Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decor Love - Metal Bowls

I must admit that I have a decor crush.  I am a fan of silver and have always wanted a decorative metal bowl.  My sister and I discussed this particular crush recently, and come to find out, she also has the same crush.  Be forewarned, after looking at this post - you may too.  I introduce you to the graphic metal bowl:

IKEA - Stockholm

Isn't it the coolest.  Put this on your kitchen counter filled with great citrus fruit.  Put it on your mantle filled with wooden balls, or wicker balls.  Even just sitting empty, it's a statement.  However I am brainstorming for the perfect way to use it in our home. 

We are trying to operate on a more minimal is better theme.  Some decor, but not cluttered.  This item without purpose, is just more clutter.  So before I consider actually purchasing one, I want to have a bunch of ideas for how to use it. We don't have room for a fruit bowl in our kitchen.  So that option is out.

One option is to use it as a dining room table centerpiece.  Set it out on a runner with a cluster of small colorful votives on either side of it.  You could put a  few freshly cut flowers in a simple metal vase and stand them in the middle.  You could cluster it with a couple different items to give some height to the centerpiece.  Because our dishware has a black, white, silver and grey theme, this could totally work.

180 Design Sphere Bowl

Another option would to be to keep it on hand for serving purposes.  Put down a linen napkin and serve bread or rolls. 

It could be used as a nice bedroom dresser item as well.  Picture a nice dresser with a large mirror, two vases and this bowl in front, beautiful!

It could be stood up at an angle and displayed on the mantle, or put in the middle with candles on either side of it.  I would hate to set it down flat on a surface that is above eye level - it wouldn't get appreciated.

This item would also look great on the coffee table.  You could place it on top of a stack of magazines, put it in the middle filled with your favorite round decor items, even use it as a place to coral all of your not-so-pretty remotes to keep them handy & dress them up a bit.

So clearly there are several different uses for this item, plus it's really cool looking.  So assuming that I find one on sale at Marshalls, TJMaxx, Pier 1, Target, or any of the other stores we love to visit for home decor, we might just have to pick this up.  Maybe use some of those gift cards we still have laying around.

How would you guys use this decorative bowl?

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