Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute DIY Gifts

Many of us leave a big chunk of our holiday shopping until the last minute, myself included.  And even now, we don't know what to get everyone on the list.  So I thought I'd put together a post with some great last minute gift ideas for you friends and family.

Etched Glass:
You can buy an inexpensive set of wine glasses, or a beautiful vase & do you own etching.
Photo: marthastewart.com
Here is the how-to on Martha's website.  Etched Glass It seems like all you need is some etching cream and a small paint brush!

Stamped Glass:
Another easy glass project.  This can be used again on glasses, vases, or candle holders.
Photo: marthastewart.com
Here is the how-to - Stamped Glass

Cookie Kits:
Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies, brownies or blondies.  You can put together all of the ingredients, very artfully, into a mason jar.  Attach a label with the recipe on the back, and you have another easy gift.

Photo Credit: Link
Themed Basket:
I'm a big fan of these.  Have a movie lover in the group?  Try a large popcorn bucket for the basket.  Fill it with a fleece blanket, a new movie, movie tickets, popcorn, candy & soda.  How about an Italian pasta lover?  Buy a colander and fill it with pasta, garlic, a garlic press, and a couple wooden spoons.  Or if you have an avid gardener in your family, buy a watering can and fill it with veggie seeds, flower seed & a set of hand tools, gloves and even gardening shoes. This gift is super easy and very customizable for each individual.

Neck Warmer:
If you can sew, this one is a great gift.  You can use any fabric, I've even seen these done with pretty or seasonal long socks!  I've seen them filled with rice, but honestly, what works best is corn - not unpopped popcorn kernels, but corn from a feed store.  You can also add essential oils, so that they smell pretty when they are heated.  There are lots of options!

Photo Credit: Link
You can even add a ribbon so that you can tie it around your neck, so it stays in place!
Here is a tutorial:  Neck Warmer

There are literally millions of ideas here.  You can make cookies, cakes and other seasonal things, but think outside the box.  Try making Chocolates, Truffles, breads, granola, DIY power bars... another gift that can be totally customized.

If you have a container, you can make candles.  You can use old vases, glasses, jars, even beautiful tea cups or fun coffee mugs!  Craft stores sell wax and wicks.  They are easy to make.

Homemade jam is a little time consuming but easy to make.  Make several different flavors & put them in pretty mason jars.

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Flavored Alcohol:
Last year Matt made some flavored vodka.  You just buy a good vodka, Matt chose VOX.  You pour them into any great container that you have, but you have to be able to close it.  He chose several size mason and jelly jars.  Fill each jar to the desired height and add things to flavor it with.  Some of the ones that he did were coffee, candy cane, pineapple & cinnamon, but you can flavor it with just about anything.  The instructions that we saw said that you could remove the ingredients after about a week, but we left ours in.  Lets just say, that pineapple was pretty potent at the end!  I've seen jalapenos, berries, lemon, lime, cherries, just about anything you can imagine.

Photo Credit: Link
Just one warning, some things might totally disappear.  The candy canes totally dissolved within a few days, leaving a pink vodka, but I don't think that it disappointed.

You can also make easy oil and vinegar dressings, and put them in great bottles as well.  Add a few sliced veggies or herbs and they make a beautiful display.

If all else fails, there are always gift cards!
Happy Holiday Shopping to all!

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