Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Decor

I'm a sucker for finding images of things that I know I can make, and trying to recreate them.  This year, unfortunately, with funds being low, I'm just looking for inspiration for next years' decoration.  Some of these are so creative and so easy, I hope I can inspire just one person to go out and pick up a few items to make your home perfect for tomorrow's festivities.  Check out some of the Thanksgiving Decor Images below:

This centerpiece uses simple pillar candles and seasonal veggies.  I see Asparagus, Artichokes, & Green beans.  The Asparagus & Green beans are tied on with a nice ribbon & everything is plated on a nice tray.  Toss on a few seasonal blooms & you have a perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Day table.

Photo Credit:  Here
How about a quick and easy plate decoration.  This one uses a pine cone, three feathers & a shaped pipe cleaner to make a cute Turkey to put on everyone's plate.  Add a colorful napkin & a simple hand-written place card & everyone knows where to sit!

Photo from Martha Stewart
In this image I'm looking at the super simple centerpiece.  Do you still have a tree or bush with dried flowers or berries on it?  If so, cut a few down & place them in a nice vase.  Simple, right?

Photo from Martha Stewart
Have any left over gourds or pumpkins from Halloween?  You can probably find them super discounted at the store right now.  But a can of gold spray paint & paint all the gourds the same color.  Display them on a plate, directly on the table, or make a lovely centerpiece using your favorite cake stand.

Photo from Martha Stewart

How easy are some of these?  How about filling a large glass bowl with acorns or buckeyes?  What if you take some not yet brown leaves & make place cards by writing on them with a metallic pen?  So simple!  And a lot of these can be accomplished with things you have in your very own back yard!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Let me know if you see a great centerpiece or creative idea this holiday!

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