Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Color Inspiration: Bright Green Dining Room

Being that we are about to slip into the doldrums of winter, I thought it would be appropriate to do a happy color inspiration board.  Something to make people feel "spring" just looking at it.  Green is one of my favorite colors to decorate with.  So I decided to set up a dining room using green as the main focus.

Chair: Mitchell Armless Chair - Target, Sideboard: Cirque Three-Door Sideboard - Crate & Barrel, Dining Table: Basque Dining Table - Crate & Barrel, Bench: Essex Bench - West Elm, Plate: Reactive Dinner Plates - Target, Clock: Brushed Metal Clock - Target, Vase: Helena Vase - Crate & Barrel, Floor Vase: Rattan Vase - Crate & Barrel, Plant: Onion Grass/ Ceddum in Metal - Target

This dining room was inspired by the Mitchell Armless Chair from Target.  Not necessarily used as a dining chair on their website, I think it would make for a perfect formal dining chair.  You could put two on one side of the table, one at the head and foot of the table, and use something classic like the Essex bench on the other side: formal, yet relaxed.

In this dining room you would paint the walls a medium green color, like the one pictured in the color palette above.  You could run a light green runner down the middle of the dining table & put a great clear footed vase filled with a tall pillar candle & seasonal fill as your center piece.

Top the amazing copper colored side board with the blue vase in two different sizes, and maybe add a wood decorative item to the pair to make it an interesting trio.  The rattan vase can sit on one side of the sideboard holding tall green curly willow branches, while a great potted tree sat on the other side.

I love this dining room & hope you get some inspiration for you own house with this board.


  1. I have my kitchen/dining room painted nearly this exact color! And I never thought to do accents in blue, but it seems a perfect fit. I've been looking at a good color for appliances, namely an enamel tea kettle, and I think you've sold me on the blue. I love the armless chair you used for inspiration too...

  2. I like what you have laid out! I stumbled on this post when I was researching using that Mitchell chair for dining room chairs. I have a large travertine dining table (tan/ivory-colored stone). What do you think? Would these armless mitchell chairs look good with stone?