Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Fellow "Paper Planner People"

This post is not just for those that still love to use their actual planners, but also for mom's all over.  Martha has done it again.  She has gone and solved a problem that I, personally have had for a while.

It started back in school.  You need a folder for every subject, and the notebooks with the envelopes were WAY more expensive, so you had to have a separate folder, but if you left the folder at home with your assignment, you were in trouble.

This problem was accentuated.  I am still a paper person, even though it haunts me every day.... I have a planner, and I tuck a lot of things in my planner, bills that need to be paid, paychecks as they show at my desk, notes of things to do, coupons I cut out... all just stuffed into my planner.  Well check this out:

Photo: Martha Stewart

Its as easy as taking your planner, notebook, etc. and gluing in an envelope to hold your mess.  Martha uses a glue strip for the top & double sided tape for the bottom.  Personally, I have about 12 extra rolls of the tape that you use to "plastic" your windows in the winter.  So I plan on trying this.

You can leave the flap out to keep things in, or tuck the flap in, so it's just a pocket.  And because they make a million different envelopes, you can find the perfect one.  Use a manila envelope for large paper storage.  Use smaller envelopes to organize your coupons.  I think it's genius!

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