Friday, June 3, 2011

CasaSugar's Weekend DIY

It is Friday, and we are almost back to normal here at the "married couple", so I thought I'd bring back one of my favorite link fests for the weekend.  The weather is beautiful, and that inspires me to get some work done!

Photo & Project found here:  Design Sponge

1. Turn old doilies into a pendant lamp
2. Create an open-air hanging closet rod
3. Design Sponge's Cameroonian Feather Hat (photo above!)  I think these would be SO much fun in a nursery!  I am keeping this link forever!
4. Quick and Beautiful Votive Luminaries
5. Knit oversized Floor pillow (I want to make these now!)
6. DIY potting station (using an old ladder & planks)
7. Entry Patio from Stone

Check out Casa's post here for all the photos & links:  Weekend DIY and happy DIY-ing!

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