Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspiration: White Bedroom with a Pop

Generally I am not a fan of all white interiors.  I tend to think of it as a stain-fearer's worst nightmare, but I was inspired recently by a photo that I saw of a bright white bedroom with a pop of bright green that made me desire to be in that room immediately.  It was beautiful.  So I thought that I might try to recreate that vision for everyone here, so they can understand why I am now in love with this bedroom.

Bedding: Peninsula White Cotton (Crate&Barrel), Pillow: Hand Blocked Jaali (West Elm),
Mirrors: Malachy & Brighton Floor Mirror (Crate&Barrel), Lamp: Sphere Table Lamp (West Elm),
Chairs: Upholstered Slipper Chair (West Elm), Green Table:  Martini Table (West Elm),
Plant:  Onion Grass Sedum (Target), Mirrored Table: Parsons Mirrored End Table (West Elm),
Vases:  Cabo & Chica Green Vases (Crate&Barrel)
Imagine soft white walls and and trim, a white dresser and bright green curtains from a brushed silver curtain rod.  A white and green rug & dark hard woods make this room cozy, bright & fresh.  Prop the white mirror up against a white wall with a large plant next to it. 

I think that in this scenario, a white room is amazing, and hopefully you can see why!

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