Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Life!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to check in.  Work has been hectic, life has been hectic, and in the meantime, not much has gotten done!  I'm making a list of things to get accomplished this weekend.

Right now I am organizing and tossing my magazine collection.  I just went through all the wedding magazines and pulled out the pages I wanted to keep & tossed the excess paper.  It certainly was lovely to flip through those pages again!   I cleaned out the bins under the coffee table & worked on organizing the shelves on either side of the fireplace.  I am really working hard to give everything it's appropriate place and do a good bit of spring purging!  Lots of work, but no real photos to share from it!

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 I am going to try to work on my basement curtains this week, promise.  As I'd really like to be able to call the basement "done" for now.  We plan on painting it later, but it's the basement, it can wait!  Our upstairs hallway needs paint much more than the basement does :)

Also, with our tax return, we will have enough cash to finish buying things & start building things in the half bath.  I'm totally nervous to get started [gulp] as it will be the first real "construction" project we are doing.  We just need to purchase the toilet, light fixture & some miscellaneous building materials.  Then we can start the demo!

So, sorry again for the slow posting, hopefully I can get another couple design posts up this week before the weekend hits.  Thanks for following & reading!

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