Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring is Near!

Just a touch of warm weather last week, and now I am craving spring, more so than I was before.  We were able to see some of the daffodils and tulips starting to peak up out of the ground, since the warmer weather finally melted the 2+ feet of snow in our yard.  The sun was warm and wonderful.  But alas, winter has returned with a vengeance, and the inch or more of ice that coated the world this morning was a wake up call that winter is NOT over yet.

So in order to forget about my car, now sitting outside in the ice and snow storm, I wanted to start thinking about spring.  About planting things outside!  Now I do plan on putting together a bit of a container garden this spring, but I also wanted to put together an arrangement of cool pots filled with annuals.  Ferns, ivy, flowers...  I want to arranged a few on the porch to give our house a little extra color, and warm up the porch a bit - so I started browsing for interesting ways to put together a cool arrangement of plantings.

1. Birch Bark:  You are able to buy this as a sheet good from some craft stores.

Available on Etsy HERE
This particular item is a metal urn wrapped in birch bark & I love it.  I think it would be easy to get some cheaper plastic or metal tins, of varying sizes and heights & wrap them in this amazing bark to give them a unified look.  I LOVE this look.  I liked it when I was looking at wedding planning, and I love it now.  You can even wrap up a couple citronella candles for the porch or patio as well so that they match and keep away the pesky mosquito's!

2. Chalk Pots:  Pick up Chalkboard paint at your local hardware store.

Avaliable on Etsy HERE
You can plant your favorite herbs or flowers in pots painted with chalkboard paint.  Write what's in the pot, or if by your front door, leave welcoming messages for your guests.  I think this is great for an herb garden.  Plant your favorite herbs and spices in matching colorful pots, paint on a swatch of chalkboard paint (as shown above) and write what each herb is!  Beware, if they aren't in a covered area, the chalk will wash off with a rainstorm!

3. Wall Paper or Contact Paper:  Pick up a roll of your favorite wall paper, craft paper or contact paper at your local craft store.
Available on Etsy HERE
Because weather would be hard on these, these great metal tins covered in your favorite wall covering or contact paper would be perfect for an indoor garden.  Place one in your kitchen window filled with your favorite spices, or put a couple great green plants in one and place it on your sideboard or in your front window.

4. Reclaimed Wood:  You can purchase reclaimed wood, or use your own to make these great boxes.

Available on Etsy HERE
This particular vessel uses old barn wood to create a great wood box.  Use this as a planter on your patio, or even as a great centerpiece.  You can use it to go around a plastic container, or put a bottom on it, and use it independently.  I think it's perfectly rustic & is a great way to upcycle some old wood from palettes, crates, sheds or barns!

So I plan on getting or making a couple of simple plant stands of varying heights, and arranging cool pots of greens & flowers for a great addition to our front porch and possibly back patio.  These ideas get my head going in the right direction - now I just have to decide which ones I like the best!  I think it might be a combo of the birch bark and reclaimed wood.  I think they work beautifully together & would be easy to put together.

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