Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Wedding Design

I thought that since I have the day off, I'll dive into another love of mine again, Wedding Theme design.  It's only fitting that I select Winter Holiday Weddings for this post, being that the holidays are upon us.  It also happens to be a very popular time for weddings.

It is true, that it would be very easy to go overboard.  It would be easy to make this style of wedding very cheesy, if you will.  It could turn out looking like your Great Aunt's holiday display:

Photo Credit:  Here

But there are ways to make your event beautiful, elegant & still capture the essence of the season.  Holiday weddings are incredibly romantic, just by nature.  It's easy to play on that romance and make a beautiful event.  Lighting is incredibly important and can really enhance a space.  It is easy to decorate a space elegantly with candles and simple white lights.

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Photo Credit: Here
It can be easy to get carried away with red and green, so you might not want to start with those colors for you palette.  You don't have to avoid them completely, but I think that keeping the palette simple & adding red OR green as an accent can really make the event beautiful.  You can really accentuate with silver and gold and even copper as well.  They sparkle and are totally appropriate for the season.

One of the easiest things to do is to use elements of the season, and to incorporate them into the decor.  Pine cones, evergreen branches, plain tree branches, cranberries, pears, anything that you see around during the winter can be used in your theme.

You can also try to use Christmas ornaments, wreaths, wrapped gifts.  When used in moderation, or very simply, they can make a huge impact without being 'cheesy'.

Here are some beautiful centerpiece inspiration images for your winter wedding.
Photo credit:  Here

Photo Credit: Here
Photo credit:  Martha Stewart

Photo from Martha Stewart
 It's easy to go overboard with a theme.  So think simple color palette, simple centerpieces and lots of subdued lighting - candles, white twinkle lights, dimmed overhead lights.  Use Winter elements in your decorating.  Think elegant; elegant fonts for your invitations, elegant patterns, elegant glassware and silverware.   Use that as the theme, more so than that holiday itself.

Photo Credit: Here

Photo credit: Here
 The holidays are a magical time.  They are happy and romantic & I hope that everyone out there that is planning their big day for the holidays, are able to pull off the perfect event for YOU.

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