Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Color Inspiration: Beach Colors

Because this week has been so cold and snowy, I have decided to show a light inspiration board today.  Something to remind us of the warmer days that we love so much.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a room is to make it light and airy.  There are a lot of colors that are usually associated with the beach, light blues, yellows, sand, white, ivory... using all of these colors as well as mixing in a few pieces of dark furniture, here is a board that will show you just how bright and beautiful a room can be.

Jute Rug - World Market, Henry Sofa - West Elm, Dolce Lounge Chair - Target, Jack Table Lamp - Crate & Barrel, Home Universe Pillow - Target, Home Textured Throw - Target, Walnut Grove Coffee Table - JCPenney, Chunky Floor Mirror - West Elm
 This scheme is as easy as light beige wall and a mixture of all the colors you see above.   Flowy white drapes, simple framed graphic art, and even a few seashells under a glass lid on the end table will make the room feel like you are on the beach.  Notice that the furniture all has dark feet to tie in the dark coffee table and a dark end table or two.  The darker pieces of furniture balance the lightness of the room, without detracting from the theme.

The room as shown above is fairly informal, but that doesn't mean that you can't do this scheme using formal pieces.  That's the great thing about it.

This color scheme can be used in a living room, a bed room, a dining room, even a bathroom.  If you love this scheme and want to make it work for your room and your style, let me know!  I can always try to help.

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