Friday, September 23, 2011

CasaSugar's Weekend DIY

Another Friday, another great group of fun crafts for the weekend.

My big project for the weekend is to make a bed for our new doggie!  I am going to take two older pillows that we don't use, and measure them for a cover.  The plan is to use velcro on one end, so that it can easily be taken apart and washed.  I plan on hitting up the discount fabric section of my local JoAnns & getting something comfy for our newest addition:

Here are some other project that everyone can try out this weekend.  Some of these I personally plan on doing as well!

1. Embroidered Portraits
2. Make a frame for your simple mirror
3. Make your own Missoni Throw - which I have already linked on my Pintrest
4. A dye-dipped basket shade
5. Stencil your upholstery
6. "Cross-stitch" your Glasswares!  I pinned this & will be doing this in some fashion.  LOVE!
7. Make your own Wood Cutting Boards

Check out the links to all of these crafts on CasaSugar

Check out my Pintrest Account HERE

And, most importantly, have a super weekend of DIY!

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