Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bathroom Accessories

I honestly tried to bring photos to work today, so that I might update you on the progress of our half bath.  Unfortunately, the archaic computers at our office do not accept our Memory Card, so alas, you will have to wait a little longer to see progress.

The new baseboard & molding are in.  Last night we put down the Hardy Board Panel.  Tonight we are busy, and part of this weekend my husband is away, so I will work on priming, caulking, spackling, sanding & painting while he is gone, so that when he returns we can tile, grout & install fixtures! Yay.  Granted that is probably another whole week worth of work, but I am sooo excited to get this done.

Well with a new bathroom comes the need for new accessories.  I think I am going to keep the bathroom somewhat neutral.  Our trim is bright white & the walls will be "Sand Fossil".  It's a beachy warm grey with a slight yellow green undertone, hard to see the undertone, but here is the color:

Our tile is an old clearanced tile from Lowe's that we picked up years ago.  It is filled with warm greys, oranges, a little gold & JUST a hint of green-grey.  Something like this but more orange than red:

Shown: Mt. Everest Verde - Home Depot
 Our fixtures are bright white, our faucet, handles & accessories are chrome or brushed nickel.

So what to do about bath mats, towels, art....

First, the bath mat.  The half bath has NO heat in the room.  We keep the door open in the winter so that some of the heat from the basement & kitchen end up warming the room up a bit.  The tile floor is not going to help this issue, so we will need a small mat to keep the floor warm in the winter.  I don't want to cover up all of the lovely tile, so it will probably be a neutral warm grey mat that can be slid around the room where needed.

Second, the towels.  I think we will probably go with the same neutral warm grey towels.  I wanted to do maybe an orange or gold, a pop of color, and I still might, but the intention is to make the room warm, updated & clean, far from what it used to look like.  You will remember it looking like this:

We just can't wait to have it new and refreshed.  We can mess with the color of the accessories once things are done.  I don't mind buying a couple different color hand towels!

Third, the art.  We will be installing a shelf on the wall over the toilet.  Something easy, painted the color of the wall, so that we might have some additional storage in the room.  Because we are removing the vanity, we will need a place to put some things.  This also gives us the opportunity to add a little flair to the room:  a stack of books, a gilded initial for our last name, then we will hang something great from the wall over the shelf.  What?  We don't know yet, but it will make the room look finished. 

I would like to add a small storage unit in the room to store cleaning supplies, extra towels, etc.  Something like this:

Madras - 3-Drawer Tower - World Market

I love the look of dark wicker & a small thin storage tower than can go between the wall and the sink is exactly what I'm looking for.  This particular unit would be a little wide for the space we have.

And lastly the window treatments.  What I want to do is to frost the window.  This will let in a lot of light and block the view (as the bathroom is right on our driveway).  I would then like to get a dark brown bamboo shade & possibly accent with a curtain pulled to the side.  The dark bamboo will match a dark wicker storage bin.  If we do a curtain, I would get a similar color hand towel.  This is where we would add some color.  Maybe a neutral green or pale yellow.  Something bright that isn't BRIGHT.

I can't wait to share more photos with you, so you can see what a challenge this re-do has become already!


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