Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small Living

I have something to admit:
I am in LOVE with house tours.  Taking 10 minutes to look at other people's houses & gain inspiration or see where other people's inspiration lies.  Just getting a sneak peak of some of the most beautiful homes around makes me want to go home and get everything done!

So, in an effort to find some beautiful house tours, I have been totally craving Apartment Therapy's House Tours Section.  Below are a few photos from one particular 800SF home in California.  Now if California wasn't 3,000 miles from everyone else we know and love, I'd live there in a heart beat - it's beautiful & there is nothing like a sunny day, every day, to keep you upbeat & positive.  Apparently this home is just part of a much larger home that was relocated to the beach!

Check out a few photos from Apartment Therapy:

Overall Neutrals, Bright, Natural woods & Pops of Orange, make this bachelor pad a clean, modern home to envy.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for the vases full of bright orange ranunculuses!

Check out the link for the entire house tour at Apartment Therapy:  Relocated Beach Cottage

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