Monday, March 28, 2011

New Uses for Closet Items

Good Morning Everyone, and Happy Monday!
I know it has been a week since I posted, and I apologize, but it has been a busy week at work & at home - so I haven't gotten on line much.

I do have one piece of exciting news, the drapes for the basement are done & hanging, but need a TON of ironing, so as soon as the ironing is complete & I have a chance to clean a bit, I will be showing the final product.  Because we have been gearing up for the bathroom renovation, there is bathroom stuff everywhere!  Including our brand new toilet, which takes up a bit of room, but I'll freshen the place up so that I can take some photos!

But because I love to share fun tips & info with everyone, I thought I'd throw together a quick post with information that I found in a Real Simple article sent to my email.  They love doing articles on re-purposing things in your home 1,000 different ways, and this is a similar one - it's how to use things in your closet in a fun new way.  Enjoy!

1. 5 Slot Pant Hanger as Gift Wrap Central:  Hang tissue paper, ribbon, tape & all the "extras" used for wrapping onto one of your pants organizers!  It keeps everything together in one place.  You can even attach a hook to the back side of your closet door, and hang this here, with a basket at the bottom to hold all of your wrapping paper as well.  Then it really is a one-stop shop!

2. Wine Box as Shoe Storage:  Ever get a case of wine, and then just recycle the box?  How about covering it with wall covering, or wrapping paper, stacking a few, and using it to store your shoes?!

3. Chip Clips for Small Coat Hangers:  Okay, so your kids favorite coat doesn't fit on the hangers in your closet... problem solved.  Use your chip clips to clip the coat to the hanger.  This works with spring jackets best.

4. Clothes Pin as Hanger Stop:  How many times have you picked up your favorite tanks after they have slid off the hanger for the 400th time.  Here is a quick solution.  Clamp one clothes pin on each side and use it as a stop, so that the straps stay put.

Photo: Real Simple
 5. Dryer Sheet as Shoe Freshener:  Don't like to just throw away the dryer sheet after you have used it?  Stick it in a pair of shoes to absorb odors and moisture!

6. Felt Circle for Hanger Help:  Another way to keep those tanks and strappy dresses on the hangers is to attach a felt circle to each side of the hanger.  These circles are like the ones that you put under your furniture to slide on the hardwood floors.

7. Lingerie Bag as Sock Reuniter:  They suggest hanging a lingerie bag in your closet, and every time you have a spare sock, stick it in there until it's mate reappears.  I do this as well, but with a linen bag that is hanging on the handle of the door.  It's a great way to keep track of the extras.

8. Shower Curtain Rings as Scarf Sorter:  If you are going to replace your shower curtain rings, wash a few, and keep them to keep your scarves organized.  Hang them from hooks, or link them together to keep your scarves all in one place.

Photo: Real Simple
9. Soda Bottle as Boot Supporter:  There are months and months when your boots go unused.  To keep their shape year after year, use an old soda or water bottle to keep them upright.  Reusing & keeping your boots in better shape for longer - win-win!

10. Step Stool as Shoe Organizer:  Looking for an extra shelf for your shoes - use a step stool to create more room for shoes.  For that matter, you can bridge over your shoe collection and use the step stool as sweater storage, purse storage or put your laundry sorter here!

11. Lingerie Bag as Extra Storage:  Looking to coral your scarves, tights, leggings, anything that is hard to fold, or doesn't really have a home?  Hang a lingerie bag from a hanger & fill it with these odds and ends.

12. Mirror as Centerpiece:  If mirrors do one thing well, it's reflect light!  Have an old mirror with a broken frame that you don't have a purpose for?  Take the frame off & set it on your dining room table.  Cover with pillar candles & viola!  A great centerpiece.

Photo: Real Simple

13. Rubberband as Strap Supporter:  Yet another way to keep those straps on the hangers.  Wrap a rubber band around the end of your hanger - another sure-fire way to keep the straps from sliding off!

14. Shoe Storage as Art Supply Organizer:  Take an old shoe cubby system, paint it a fun color, add baskets & store all of you or your child's arts and crafts here!  Added bonus, the top is a flat surface to work on, or to stack something on top of!

15. Shower Curtain Hooks as Handbag Hangers:  If you have hooks on your shower curtain rod & are looking to replace them, keep a few, hang them from your closet rod & keep all your favorite purses together in one place!

16. Tea Bag as Drawer Sachet:  We have a favorite tea, that smells amazing, even before you make it.  Take one of your favorite tea bag and throw it in your unmentionable drawer!  It will leave everything smelling that great!  PS, works great for mens' sweat socks drawer too, just make sure it's a spicy scent, like spicy chai tea.

Photo: Real Simple
17. Wire Hanger as Static Remover:  This might be the only good reason to keep a wire hanger or two around.  They can stop static in it's tracks.  Try rubbing one on your skirt to keep it from sticking to your leggings!

18. Freezer Bags as Clothing Storage:  Want to keep all of your kids winter gear in one place during the summer season?  Toss everything into a gallon freezer bag, label it with your child's name & put them all together in a bin in the closet!

Photo: Real Simple
 19. Vinegar as Sweater Fluffer:  Apparently adding a few drops of vinegar to the rinse cycle will fluff up your wool sweaters.  Keep this one in mind come fall!

Here is a link to the article on Real Simple:  Closet Repurposing!

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