Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Upcycled" Wine Bottles

In keeping with my new desire to talk about ways to be eco-friendly in your daily life, I thought I would share with you a couple amazing examples of upcycling wine bottles.  "Upcycling" is reusing something in a way other than it was first used.  For instance.  If you have a shower curtain, and it's gotten old, and you decide to use it as a drop cloth when painting - that's upcycling.  It's sort of a play on the recycling trend by recycling something for a new purpose instead of putting it in a blue bin or bag.

Today I'd like to focus on a topic that is close to me right now, as I am trying to remove tricky labels... Wine Bottles.  Wine bottles can be used for many things.  We plan on upcycling a few wine bottles as vases in our living room, but here are some of my favorite wine bottle upcycling ideas:

1. Drinkware:

Find these on Esty by following this LINK
These glasses are old wine bottles.  The narrow portion of the bottle is cut and removed & the top is cleaned up for usage.  Most of the people that make the glassware reheat the bottles to give them a smooth edge.  I think it's a great way to reuse the bottles & a great way to use recycled glass for drinkware.  The cobalt blue glass is my favorite.  Check out Etsy for all kinds of these glasses, ones made from beer bottles, liquor bottles, some are etched - great idea!

2. Lighting:

Photo of Jordan & Landon's house from - their house was featured
on younghouselove
Ever wonder what people can do with all the tops that they cut off the bottles to make the glasses?  Here is a great photo where they were used to make a light fixture.  The green and yellow bottles are lovely & they are housed with a hand made wooden box.

3. Outdoor Tiki Torches:
Photo Credit & How-To: Link
Here is a super unique way to light your patio without having to mow around tiki torches shoved in the ground.  These old wine bottles get a new life as outdoor torches.  Follow the link  under the photo for the how-to instructions.

4. Wall Mounted Vases:
Photo Credit & How-To: Link
Here is a great way to add a little punch of color to any room without having to buy a new vase, or set anything on the table!  Check out the link under the photo for the How-To.  I like the paint on the wall to tie the table and vases together.

5. Candle Holders:

Photo Credit & How-To: Link
Here is another use for all of those bottle tops!  A grouping of these would look amazing on any one's dining room table as a great centerpiece, or even for a restaurant or winery wedding reception!
There are dozens of ways to use everyday items as something new in our life.  I found at least 10 other things that wine bottles can be used for while searching for these few uses.   I personally love these ideas and think that everyone could use at least one of them in your own home!

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