Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Simple Organization Tips

Real Simple just emailed me an article of organizational tips.  I am trying to be extra organized this year, and find a permanent home for everything - so I feel that this comes at a good time.  If you want to read the whole article, you can check it out here, but I wanted to pick out my favorite ones and share them with you all.

Be prepared for a lot of orginzational tips in 2011!

Put Instruction Manuals in 3-ring binders
I am a big fan of binders & have done something similar.  We have a large expandable folder in our kitchen holding all of our instruction manuals.  Right now it's just sitting on the counter.  I'd love to find it a home, but I totally agree with this concept.  It keeps everything in one place.

Three-Tier Wire Kitchen Basket for Closet Storage
Real Simple recommends hanging up one of these devices in the corner of your closet to catch small miscellaneous things: socks, belts, scarves, etc.  I suppose this works best with a walk in closet, but I suppose you could do the same thing by hanging one from a closet rod if you have extra space.  You could use it to hold extra wallets, clutches, etc.

Slip on Closet Shelf Dividers
Photo: Real Simple
I am definitely going to get some of these when we redo our closet.  They allow for maximum stacking w/o all of your sweaters or shirts falling over onto each other.  These can also work to contain purses, overnight bags, etc. so that they aren't all over your closet floor!

Cork Board Tack Board
Real Simple recommends using a piece of corkboard to the inside of your linen-closet or laundry-room door and use straight pins to affix extra buttons and packets of thread.  You can also do this on the back of a kitchen cabinet door and pin up your favorite recipes, or cooking ingredient substitutions.

Wooden Ladder as a Magazine Rack

Photo - Real Simple
You could also drape an extra blanket from here, or hang a basket from one of the rungs to catch all of your remotes!

Desktop Holder for Bathroom Organization
Repurpose a standard desktop organizer to hold bathroom essentials, such as makeup, cotton swabs, brushes, and combs.

Hope that some of these tips helped you to solve that crazy mystery storage problem in your house.  If not, stay tuned for more tips soon!

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