Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making the Master Less Masculine

Just before the weather got incredibly cold, we got a new duvet cover for our bed.  It uses color blocking in light blue, mocha, beige and brown.  It works perfectly with our new headboard, our wall color and drape choices, however it also tends to make the room feel a bit too masculine.  So right now I'm on a design mission to make the room a little more gender neutral.

Don't get me wrong - I do NOT want the room to be screaming pink and full of ruffles.  I just want it to be a little less rough, and a little more pretty, if that makes sense.  You see the pillows that mimic the color blocking pattern on the duvet.  They are a little too much.  The first thing to do to soften up this room a bit is to change up the pillows.  I like the small mocha one, but I'd like to add some shades of tan and cream and LOTS of texture to the top of the bed to take away some of the hard corners.  Some type of combination like the pillows below would really help to make the room a little prettier.
Pom Pom Sweater Pillow & Ruffle Pillow - Pier 1, Deconstructed Ribbon Pillow - West Elm
 I think I'd like to do two 20" pillows without much texture in just a basic beige color, and then I'd add back the mocha pillow and maybe two pillows like the ones above.

We have an ice blue blanket that we will fold up and put at the bottom of the bed, which will help.

We are still in the process of making our side table (read: unmotivated to finish - the winter does that sometimes!)  But we want to top both side tables with new lamps that will really make the room pop.  I'd like to add a lamp with a tall shade and a bulbous bottom.

Sphere Lamp - West Elm, George Kovas P058-077, Jack Table Lamp - Crate & Barrel, Pebble Table Lamp - West Elm

The roundness softens the look, but the straighter shade makes it modern.  Two of these would look beautiful on the end tables and would really help to put together the look of the room.

We would also like to add a large mirror, and a large glass jar filled with twinkle lights.  Sounds hokey, you say?  Check out this image to change your mind:

Photo Credit: Link
We will be adding a wall of clothing storage covered with a large wall of curtains and a bench seat nestled in between the storage under the window.  This will compensate for the lack of closet space in the room, and the curtains will add another texture to the room.

Photo Credit: Link

We'd like to rip up the carpet and expose the hard wood floors, and add a nice plush rug to the room.  I think that these changes will take our room from too masculine to contemporary, soft & comfortable - Three words that I love to explain my style.

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