Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bedroom Organization

We officially purchased the drop cloths for our basement curtain project this weekend.  I'll be updating you on the process soon.  We got three 6'x9' drop cloths.  I'll explain the whole decision process later, but it should be perfect for completing our task.  Just working on acquiring the curtain rod (whatever we choose to get) and then we will really be moving.

In the meantime, I have decided to load up the site with great money saving tips & organizational tips.  Because organization is a big part of our 2011, I'm making it a big part of yours!  Another trip to Martha's site & more great knowledge for your home.  Here is a quick look at some great Bedroom Organization Tips.

Under Bed Drawers:
Photo: marthastewart.com
You can buy or make these drawers.  You can even take old dresser drawers and add casters.  Put a bed skirt on the bed if you'd like to hide them, or keep them clean and display them.

Shelf Dividers:
Photo: marthastewart.com
I've talked about the joys of shelf dividers before.  You want to corral all of your bags, but lining them up on the top shelf takes up the whole shelf - put up two organizers and keep them on display but all together.  These are an excellent idea, and we plan on using some form of them in our future closet project.

Walk By Closet:

Photo: marthastewart.com
 We plan on doing something like this in our room.  In old houses like ours, there isn't an extra square foot to squeeze in more closet space.  Our room has one closet that is 5'-0" long.  We plan on making shelving units for an entire wall of our room - we will hang flowing curtains in front of it, and nestle in a window seat.  It will give us a TON of additional storage, and keep things organized.

Jewelry Storage:

Photo: marthastewart.com
If you have an extra drawer, using old teacups or votive holders is a great way to keep jewelry organized.  Separate by color, or style - it's a display while being great storage.

Bedside Stepladder:
Photo: marthastewart.com
If you need some additional storage, but don't have the space, or the money for an end table, this is a great idea.  Pick one of these up from a garage sale.  You could even spray paint it a vibrant color to make a statement.

Check out all of her other great ideas at this link:  Bedroom Organization

Also, check out our DIY Everything Tab for lots of links to information on how to fix everything.  The list is growing every day!

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