Friday, December 10, 2010

Wrapping Your Gifts: Present Adornment

One way to really make your gifts stand out is to use a simple plain color wrapping paper and go extra special on the adornments.  Before I mentioned using brown paper bags or Kraft paper to wrap your gifts.  You could also use a simple dark grey wrapping paper, or a dark cranberry or evergreen paper.  A simple color palette will really make what you add to the gift stand out.  You could even go with an alternative color, like purple, turquoise or pink.  Add a splash of silver and gold and you will bring even the craziest colors into the holiday season.

You can add a simple ornament to the package.  This dark grey paper and silver snowflake ornament are a striking combo.  Just as easy to do with any other combination of colors!

 How about some crinkled paper and a couple sparkly stars.  How great does this package look?  And it again uses a blue color, not traditionally a Christmas color, but I don't think there is any mistaking this package for any other seasonal gift.

Photo - Real Simple
One of my favorites, and one that I might be trying this holiday is the yarn pom.  Yarn is incredibly inexpensive, but these gifts are very unique and easy to make! Have one big pom or group several together.

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Here is a quick tutorial on how to make these adorable adornments! Yarn Poms

You can do a simple large bow and it will look elegant, but if you are feeling up to it, step out of your comfort zone.  Try grouping pine cones, making scalloped edge tags, making small wreaths.  Use a sprig of evergreen or mistletoe.  Make felt leaves and attach a few red bells for holly leaves.  One that I really love is after you have simply wrapped your gift, make a belly band around the gift in a really festive paper and finish it up with a simple topper. 

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 Here are a few more images to inspire your holiday wrapping.

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Photo Credit: Real Simple

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  1. All these presents are too cute!! I wouldn't be able to open them, lol.