Friday, December 10, 2010

Wrapping your Gifts: Holiday Gift Tags

In this time, when people are cutting back on the number of gifts they are giving, they tend to want to make each gift feel that much more special.  I decided I was going to do a set of blog posts on how to make each present special, decorated and show you how to put a little more of you into each gift.

So for the first post in this series, I decided to troll around on Martha's site again and find some wonderful DIY gift tags that can spruce up any package.  These are simple, don't require a lot of supplies, or shopping, and can add something very special to your gifts.

These tags are great to add to a small package and even tuck in a gift card if you need to.  Here is the link to the how to:  Gift Card Tags
Photo - Martha Stewart
These next tags can unify all of your gifts, so they are easily recognizable at a party.  Here is the link to these gift tags:  Holly Gift Tags

Photo: Martha Stewart
The next photo actually shows Button Snowmen Christmas cards, however I think they would be just as adorable as gift tags.  Here is the link:  Snowmen Cards
Photo: Martha Stewart
How about these. They are made out of gingerbread cookies!  Gingerbread Gift Tags

Photo: Martha Stewart
 Or even a great monogram, using old Christmas cards, wrapping paper, felt, etc. Monogram Tags

Photo: Martha Stewart
Simple and cute, all of these ideas can make your present just that much more special, not to mention that they will look great under the tree!

Next up: DIY wrapping paper

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