Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Intro Into Blogging

Hello, my name is Laura, and this is my first attempt at blogging.

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I consider myself a pretty creative person.  I have many interests, many loves, yet until now, I have found no way of documenting them, or sharing them with the world.  My goal for this blog, is to be my creative outlet, if you will, and chance to share with everyone the things that I love, the projects that my husband and I build, and the home that we are continuously creating and reinventing.

My husband and I got married on June 19, 2010, and since the hubbub of the wedding planning is over, I find myself with a lot more free time.  I'm always searching for a project, thinking of ways to fix or change things, sketching and designing.  But being that it is such a difficult economic time, EVERYTHING we do has a very strict budget, and has to be done when the time is right. 

Our home is a work in progress.  We started by picking a color palette, combining our stuff and moving into our first home.  Slowly we are coming around to "our style", which is a mix of what we both love, and what makes us both feel comfortable and right at home.

I am an architect by trade.  Working in an architecture firm is my day job, but you don't always get to be as creative as you like doing this job.  I love interior design & decor - keeping things clean, fresh and modern.  I love travel - whether it be in the country or abroad.  I love fashion and making jewelry, and my heart belongs to DIY.

My husband is extremely brave, and decided a few years ago to go back to college, and is closing in on a degree in Business Management.  He is my partner in every way.  He helps with DIY & loves working with his hands.  He also loves travel, loves baking & getting out into nature.  Eventually I would love to get my husband interested in the blog as well.  He has a lot to say, and having a male perspective on DIY is entirely different than having only the female point of view.

I have a lot of hope and dreams for this blog.  I see it as a way to express myself, to share what I love with others & hopefully a way to help someone else out there share what they love as well.

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